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Oceania’s Crisis Management services are the direct action response arm of our firm, capable of going anywhere in the world to solve the unique and dire circumstances a client can find themselves in. Whether it is responding to an already existing crisis or proactively trying to prevent one from happening, our Crisis Engagement Services allow us to move quickly, quietly and efficiently in order to safeguard the client’s well being and reputation.

Whether you are the CEO of a multinational corporation or the private person who simply does not know who to turn to, we can help. When you are faced with a personal or professional catastrophe, we are the firm that resolves these dilemmas and returns your life to you.


Blackmail and Extortion can be frightening. Make sure Oceania is on your side when it happens to you.

Blackmail & Extortion

We received a call from a senior executive with a large well known company who informed us that he was being targeted in an extortion scheme. As it turned out, this particular executive was involved in negotiating a significant business deal at the time.

We took over all communication, posing as the client, and opened an undercover investigation. Within 24 hours, irrefutable evidence was secured proving that the other party involved in the negotiations had hired an individual to distract and harass our client in an attempt to gain the upper hand in the negotiations.

Instead of simply neutralizing the threat, we used the opportunity to provide the other party with misinformation, seriously degrading their position while providing our client with actionable intelligence he was able to leverage to his advantage, both personally and professionally.

Critical extraction can be a very daunting task, but we're here to help.

Critical Extraction

Hi Uncle Mike, it’s Danny. Listen, I’m calling you because I need some help, I think… and I don’t want Mom and Dad worried. I’m down here in (Central America) and I got kind of jammed up with the wrong people, and they are…after me. I really need to get out of here. I’ll call you back in a couple of days, sooner if I can.”

Ten days later, sitting in a living room, surrounded by concerned parents and family, we were tasked with one single thing: to bring Daniel home.

Thirty-six hours later, in the oppressive Central American heat, our critical extraction began in earnest. The objective was simple: to find one missing adult, who didn’t want to be found by the wrong people, but needed to be found by the right peopleus. The outcome, some two weeks later, wasn’t quite ‘textbook’, though there is no textbook on which to rely to successfully extract an individual from a hostile environment. Daniel’s homecoming remains one of our many success stories.

Life Crisis

Dana* was the daughter of a prominent American family who lived most of her life under the care of her family and doctors due to her schizophrenia, which first manifested itself when she was 14 years old. Around her 26th birthday, Dana decided that she would no longer be taking the antipsychotic medications that helped her maintain a normal life and kept the demons at bay. Her family’s pleading was ignored, and despite their best efforts, she declared herself “drug-free.”

Less than a month later, Dana kidnapped her 13 year old nephew, taking him to the family’s weekend cabin in a remote part of their home state. Over the course of just a couple of hours, Dana’s family now found themselves thrust into a life crisis. Their first priority was to safely extract the nephew/grandson from a hostile and potentially violent daughter. They were also concerned for Dana’s well being and aware of how an interaction with law enforcement could go terribly wrong. There was also the “third element,” as we like to call it: the unspoken concern the family had about how the whole scenario could play out on the national news if the story went public. As a family, they already suffered a contentious relationship with the media, and the quieter the resolution, the better.

On a late March night we were called in to resolve the circumstances that family had fallen into. By early the next morning, everyone was safe and home again… including Dana.

*Names and details have been changed

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