The one constant thing about the world we occupy is that it can change anywhere and at a moment’s notice.

Despite our hopes and ideals that the world is generally a safe place, we know in reality that it is quite deadly. Whether it’s tsunamis on the Pacific Rim, earthquakes in the Caribbean, or riots in Khartoum, the news reports all start off the same: “Just yesterday, life was peaceful for…”

The problem extends beyond the loss of innocent life and the survivors left in the wake. Overnight, infrastructure, communication and transit are suddenly non-existent leaving foreign travelers trapped behind the lines. In an instant, the question goes from, “Why did this happen?” to “How do we get our people out?” Your “people” might be a group of missionaries bringing aid to the lost, corporate employees expanding into a new territory, or family members on holiday.
During such uprisings, foreign governments often use such opportunities to their advantage, whether for a potential military response or orchestrating a coup d’etat to implement regime change. Therefore, small groups of foreign travelers seeking entrance who are not major news outlets or bringing in humanitarian aid can raise red flags. The simple translation is that the rescue “team” you hired can look like foreign special forces, and warrant everything from detainment to immediate deportation, neither of which gets your people home.

Where many firms try and sell a client on a team approach, ours is quite different. A single operative inserted into the country in question is able to move further and faster in order to extract the clients in the most viable and cost efficient way—a methodology of increased value when the environment is politically charged.

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