“It is best to thwart people by intelligent planning”- Wang Xi (The Art of War)

While the term “going postal” is often used in a light-hearted manner, the source of the phrase is anything but.

On August 20th, 1986, just after 7 am, a postal worker named Patrick Sherrill walked into the United States Post Office in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he was employed and began killing his coworkers. By 7:30 am, fourteen people were dead, another six severely wounded. Sherrill was angered over a reprimand he had received from his superiors the day before, and suspected he was going to be terminated from his job. He launched what he saw as a preemptive strike, but in reality was nothing more than a murderous rampage.

Workplace violence is a very real and significant threat, not only in the U.S., but across the globe. Oceania Research & Consulting maintains a database and are consummate scholars regarding spree shooters and those who commit acts of workplace violence. We do this to help both ourselves and our clients have a better understanding of any possible predictors that lead to such atrocious events.

Despite all of the social sciences applied to the study of the topic, though, we also know that instinct plays a large and significant role when there is concern about terminated employees.

The objective of our Threat Responsive Services is to bring our expertise to bear to provide the client with peace of mind, and to draw a clear line in the sand to safeguard the lives that may be put in harm’s way due to unstable people intent on committing acts of violence.

Whether it is implementing clandestine security protocols, handling the termination of an employee on behalf of the client, or providing security services during and after a termination or reprimand, our goal is to provide a tailored and proactive response specifically suited to your needs.

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