Why Oceania

Oceania Research & Consulting, LLC is a full service private investigation agency headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. We primarily provide investigation and litigation support to individuals, businesses and law firms. Our team of professional state-licensed investigators are all experienced former federal agents, law enforcement officers or seasoned Fortune 500 corporate security investigators. Our investigation staff is augmented by our support team, consisting of computer, cellular, crime scene, DNA, and video/audio forensics experts and our legal counsel.

We provide our specialized services to government, law enforcement agencies, law firms, corporations and private individuals. Reputation is everything in our business, so we tackle the most delicate of situations with the highest level of discretion. Over the years we have gained the experience, acquired the equipment and established the network to resolve your situation or obtain the information you require quickly, quietly and efficiently.

Over the course of our careers we have conducted thousands of hours of documentable investigations. We believe in results; therefore, we’ve posted verifiable case examples of some of our recent work below for your review.



We were contacted by an out-of-state client whose spouse was coming into town for a convention. The client suspected her spouse was cheating and ordered surveillance.

Surveillance was conducted and the client’s spouse was videotaped as he spent the weekend engaging in an adulterous affair with a same sex partner. The client was provided with ample evidence, including a detailed report, photographs, video, night vision video, GPS tracking logs and receipts.

Investment fraud can cause serious damage to any business.

$250,000 Investment Fraud

We were contacted by a private client who suspected she was the victim of an elaborate investment fraud. The client had voiced her concerns to local, state and federal authorities, but no action was taken. Upon validating her concerns, we launched an extensive undercover operation, documenting substantial evidence. At the client’s request, we coordinated directly with state and federal investigators, resulting in the federal prosecution of the subject. The subject entered a guilty plea, was sentenced to 14 months in prison, and was ordered to pay full restitution (including all investigative costs).

There's nothing more frightening than missing & endangered youth. Oceania is here to bring your child home.

Missing & Endangered Youth

A youth diagnosed with psychological issues stole jewelry, cash and prescription medication from his family’s home. We were asked to locate the youth and “intervene to ensure his safety,” at which point we were to coordinate with local law enforcement to take him into custody on a psychiatric hold at the direction of his treating psychiatrist. We located the youth within six hours of the onset of the investigation. We recovered the cash and jewelry and the youth was taken into custody by local law enforcement without incident.

Investment Intelligence is what you need to put together a profile of potential acquisitions.

Investment Intelligence

An investment firm client requested that we put together a profile on the senior executives of a potential acquisition, as well as obtain intelligence from a conference that the executives planned to attend prior to the acquisition.

In the course of the operation, it was determined that a key senior executive had some “habits” that would have been a public relations disaster for the client, had the executive’s actions come to light. In addition, valuable intelligence was collected at the conference. With our reports in hand, the client had considerable leverage and was able to make an informed decision regarding the acquisition.

Need opposition research on your biggest competition? Oceania is here to help!

Competitive Intelligence

We were retained by a new landscaping company to identify the accounts of their top five competitors. We conducted surveillance on the client’s competitors five days a week for three weeks, enabling us to document when and where the competition conducted lawn care and landscaping. With this information in hand we were then able to recreate the competitor’s client list. After conducting some additional investigation, we were able to determine the rates being charged by the competitors on each of the accounts. Our client was able to call down the list and offer excellent introductory deals based on the rate sheet we provided, immediately increasing their revenue by 46% in just four weeks.

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