Oceania has conducted numerous criminal investigations on behalf of both private clients and businesses. Ranging from complex fraud schemes to homicide investigations, our investigators have a range of resources at their disposal to conduct criminal investigations, which can then be handed over to the appropriate law enforcement entity or prosecutor’s office. Most of our criminal investigations have been prosecuted successfully, resulting in imprisonment of the subject and full restitution for our clients.

Oceania also conducts criminal defense investigations for private clients and law firms throughout the area. In our experience, prosecutors seem to charge most defendants with the most severe charge they can based on the available evidence. It can be assumed, based on statistics, that this is for plea bargaining purposes, as most criminal cases never go to trial. About 75% of over 300 inmates in prison incarcerated for serious crimes who were later exonerated by new evidence were found guilty primarily based on eyewitness testimony.

Recent Case Example

$250,000 Investment Fraud – We were contacted by a private client who suspected she was the victim of an elaborate investment fraud. The client had voiced her concerns to local, state and federal authorities, but no action was taken. Upon validating her concerns, we launched an extensive undercover operation, resulting in the documentation of substantial evidence. At the client’s request, we coordinated directly with state and federal investigators resulting in the federal prosecution of Jeremiah Jacobs of Columbia, IL for securities violations. The subject entered a guilty plea, was sentenced to 14 months in prison, and was ordered to pay full restitution (including all investigative costs).

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